THIS Saturday, September 19

We had an open house scheduled, but thought you’d prefer to be “hopping” on this first Saturday of the Shop Hopso we cancelled it.  We WILL be holding our regular classes and you can sign up any time you like – catalogs are available now.

BUT, when the evening arrives, and you’ve been hopping all day, we will have our regularly scheduled UFO Pajama Party!  From 6:00pm to midnight, we will be here working on whatever projects we have “in the works” in our PJs (or comfy loungers).  We start the evening off with a bite to eat – usually Pizza and Salad – as well as a little wine for those of us that enjoy an occasional glass….be sure to sign up, so I know how much food to order!!!


New website coming soon

We are working on our new website, so please be patient with us if this is not as current as it might be.  The good news is that once the new site goes “live”, it will be connected to our point of sale system and inventories will be up-to-date with our system.